For florists there are many conferences and educational opportunities but for me hands-on workshops are by far the most rewarding form of professional development. Hands-on is how I learn and retain skills the easiest. I love learning new design techniques, seeing new products demonstrated and finding new ways to utilize everyday products that makes them like new.

I became a florist when we designed with wet foam which we would completely cover with baker fern. We would in turn cover with a mass of perfectly spaced flowers all at the same height… because that is what the wire service catalogs showed…boring! It was as if the Principles of Design were forgotten or only used when an adventurous customer requested “something different”. I always preferred creating the “something differents”. This is probably why I find myself drawn to hands-on workshop that focus on a more nature-inspired style of design like those offered by TeamFlower. Kelly and her Team help floral professionals develop their skills, or in my case unlearn the “skills” I acquired 20 years ago. It has been amazingly difficult for me to achieve that gorgeous natural look with flowing greenery, asymmetrical balance, because it is so contrary from how I was taught. This ‘new’ old style is so beautiful that it is definitely worth my time and effort to keep trying to perfect it. That is why I believe a workshop is in my near future.

Dietz Falls Florist Workshop


Learning a new skill isn’t even THE best part of attending a workshop. The best part is learning from and sharing with the other attendees. I look forward to the informal, cocktail infused discussions that take place at the end of each day. Some of my most time-saving, money-making, innovative ideas came from brainstorming sessions during free time at past workshops. These florists have become my friends, counselors, teachers and students. We learn and share and support each other long after the workshop has ended. That is why I attend workshops and why we at Dietz started mini workshops in our shop…knowledge, skills, camaraderie and new friendships. We offer a learn to design series that you can pick and choose classes that interest you or take the whole series. We also offer fun projects throughout the month such as our build your own terrarium, and build your own boutonniere and wrist corsage for prom. Please check out our site for our fun new workshops. If you are thinking a more intensive study of floristry, please check out TeamFlower’s offerings at

Check out the upcoming floral design workshops at Dietz Floral Studio.

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