Don’t forget mom! Sunday, May 12th is Mother’s Day. This is the biggest single holiday for floral arrangement purchases and flower deliveries. Because it is a florist’s busiest time of the year, we recommend getting your order in at least three to four days in advance.

You don’t want your mom to end up getting ‘bottom of the barrel’ flowers on her special day. Although many consider carnations to be a dull choice for a gift, they are still the most popular flower variety for floral arrangements. Lately, they have also been earning a better reputation. Modern floral design has truly elevated the carnation and found creative ways to utilize this cost-effective staple flower.

Find out more about the relevance of carnations on this special day dedicated to mothers everywhere. Plus, get some fresh ideas for other flowers to send with just the right meaning for your mom.

Mother’s Day floral arrangement with purple mums, white roses and purple carnations.

Mother’s Day floral arrangement with purple mums, white roses and purple carnations made by Dietz Floral Studio.

The Significance of Carnations on Mother’s Day

For centuries, the meaning of flowers and the symbolism of different varieties has been an important part of many cultures. The carnation, in particular, has been a long-standing traditional symbol for motherly love.

It’s a herbaceous plant which grows naturally in the Mediterranean area. Most can easily spot carnations thanks to its fringed petals and spicy perfume. They stand up tall in any kind of floral arrangement and their blooms can add dimension, volume and a pop of bold color. Today, carnations are grown in a dizzying array of varieties, hybrids and colors at every time of year. Farmed carnations bloom continuously when grown in greenhouses.

In 1908, Anna Jarvis, the founder of Mother’s Day, named pink carnations as the holiday’s official flower. She said that carnations represented purity, faithfulness, charity and beauty. The choice also had personal significance, as carnations were her mother’s favorite floral variety. The first Mother’s Day was observed a few years earlier when her mother, Anna Reeves Jarvis, passed away. During her life, she was a women’s activist who fought for higher sanitary standards in healthcare which lead to a decrease in the infant mortality rate. In 1914, President Woodrow Wilson announced that Mother’s Day would an official holiday in the United States celebrated annually on the second Sunday of May.

As a long-lasting, sweet-smelling flower, carnations seemed the appropriate choice to represent a mother’s affection. Furthermore, white carnations have long been associated with innocence, peace and the loss of a mother. In fact, they are commonly included in funeral and sympathy floral arrangements. While red carnations are a standard symbol for admiration and love.

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Mother’s Day flower bouquet featuring purple mums, hot pink carnations and yellow ranunculus.

Mother’s Day floral bouquet featuring purple mums, hot pink carnations and yellow ranunculus. Created for the occasion by Dietz Floral Studio.

Beyond Carnations – Dynamic Mother’s Day Floral Arrangements

Carnations will continue to be one of the most popular cut flowers used in floral design. But what else should you include in the bouquet you send to mom? For this day set aside for honoring mothers, consider expressing your appreciation with these blossoms:


Choose these cheery flowers to represent purity and patience. The daisy is also the birth flower for the month of April.


This elegant, long-stemmed flower full of blossoms is a symbol for strength of character, generosity, honor and sincerity. Additionally, the gladiolus is the birth flower in the month of August.


This perennial herb has a bold bloom. Because it returns and blossoms year after year, the freesia flower is said to epitomize perseverance and grace in the face of adversity.


Chrysanthemums are actually the main flower on Mother’s Day in Australia because of their nickname “mum.” Specifically, white mums are said to stand for truthfulness and loyalty. This is also the birth flower for the month of November.


Irises are perfect for Mother’s Day bouquets because they are spring flowers which symbolize faith and wisdom. February birthdays are also represented by irises.

Peruvian Lilies

These brightly colored mini lilies look great in gift arrangements because they have multiple blooms on each stem. Peruvian lilies stand for friendship and devotion.


This fresh, spring flower variety is typically used as a symbol for perfect love. Yet they are also used to express cheerfulness and worthiness.


Also called Persian Buttercups, these perky flowers are often associated with radiant charm.


Blue hyacinth, in particular, is meant to show sincerity. This makes it a great addition to a Mother’s Day floral design as a way to show your genuine feelings for mom.

Queen Anne’s Lace

This delicate wildflower has been traditionally associated with graceful characters.


With a powerful, sweet scent, jasmine has been used to show modesty, elegance and grace.


This bright purple flower, which stands out in any floral arrangement, symbolizes fidelity.

Show Mom How Much You Care this Mother’s Day

Flowers can help you express your gratitude to mom this year. Request a unique arrangement to thank and honor the woman who gave you so much. Talk with the expert florists at Dietz Floral Studio to find the perfect flower varieties for the occasion. Call (330) 923-9747 to place an order.

Featured image shows a variety of Mother’s Day floral arrangements made for the holiday by Dietz Floral Studio. Some of the flowers used include carnations, mums, Queen Anne’s Lace, daises, hyacinth, veronica, tulips, Peruvian lilies, and irises.

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