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The Evolution of Galentines: Blooms and Bonds


It’s a Galentine's Day celebration for the ladies!  


February 13th isn't just the day before Valentine's; it's also Galentine's Day, a day dedicated to celebrating the incredible bond of friendship. Originating from the popular TV show "Parks and Recreation," Galentine's has evolved into a widely embraced celebration of female friendship bonds.



Origin of the Term:

Galentine's Day was first coined by Leslie Knope, a character from "Parks and Recreation." It started as a fictional gathering but quickly gained popularity in the real world. It's a day to honor and appreciate the incredible women in our lives.


What is a Galentine?

A Galentine isn't just a single lady; it's any woman who shares a strong bond of friendship with another. Galentines can be single, in relationships, young, or old—anyone who values and celebrates the joy of female companionship.


Why Galentine's Day?

Community and Connection: Galentine's is about more than flowers and chocolates; it's about fostering a sense of community and connection among women.


Women Supporting Women: Celebrating Galentine's is an act of women supporting women, acknowledging the strength that comes from unity and shared experiences.


Memories Over Material: It’s a reminder that meaningful memories and experiences often bring more joy than material gifts.


Celebrating with Flowers:

Favorite flowers for Galentine's Day include tulips, daisies, and sunflowers—blooms that radiate positivity and celebrate the diversity of female friendships. These blooms for friends can be shared any time of the year!


Galentine's Workshop:


Join our Galentine's Workshop to turn this day into a memorable experience. Create beautiful arrangements, share laughter, and cherish the bonds of friendship. It's an opportunity to celebrate your gal pals and the joy they bring to your life.


Join us at the 2024 event! Grab your tickets at: Galentines Bouquet Bar at HiHO Brewing Co



Photo credit to Christine Ruth Photography, LLC and Gold Leaf Calligraphy, LLC