Most brides these days are worried about planning the wedding of their dreams without spending a fortune. There’s good news. It’s possible to stick to the budget and design beautiful wedding flower arrangements.

The first step in finding the perfect point between total price and total impact of the flowers is to be honest with your florist. At the initial wedding floral consultation, discuss your budget and your desires. You should be clear about the types of flowers and arrangements you imagine having for your big day, but also be clear about your limits.

But what else can you do to ensure that flowers for the ceremony and reception don’t break the bank? Here are some simple ways that you can save money as you work with a florist to design the perfect on floral wedding arrangements.

Floral arrangement for wedding reception that uses succulents and greenery to reduce cost.

Wedding reception floral arrangement with ferns and succulent greenery, yellow roses, yellow Ranunculus and spider mums and by Dietz Floral Studio. Photo by Jenna Therese Photography at Barn at Wolf Creek in Copley, Ohio.

Picking Flowers

First, consider the selection of flowers when you are trying to optimize the budget. Picking the right flowers for a wedding– with respect to variety, supplier and blooming season – can really help you stretch each dollar spent.

Slim Pickins

Simplify the selection of flower varieties and color. If the florists can focus on just two types of flowers, for example, they can buy in bulk. A streamlined selection will likely help decrease the costs of supplying, shipping and labor involved. It will also give a strong, modern look the wedding arrangements.

Bargain Hunt

Be mindful of the average cost for each type of flower. You can consider swapping out some of the pricier varieties for more budget-friendly blossoms. Ask your florist for help with this step and keep an open mind. Classic fillers like carnations, baby’s breath and mums have gotten a bad rap over the years, but you’ll be surprised to find they can be quite stunning when arranged in the right way.

If you have your heart set on using a certain type of flower, think about using it sparingly. For example, you might want to include it in the bridal bouquet and use something less expensive in the bridesmaids’ bouquets. Or you could have a few stems included on the reception centerpieces which guests will notice, but opt for larger fillers for the ceremony which is only seen from a distance.

Locally Grown

We have lots of great floral options available in Ohio and the greater Midwest. Ask your local florist about flowers that can be sourced close to home. Avoid flying or shipping in exotic or foreign-grown blooms. Not only is this a more sustainable option because it cuts down on transportation, but the flowers are bound to look and smell fresher on your wedding day.

‘Tis the Season

Similarly, think about selecting flowers that will be in bloom at the time of your wedding. If you want summer bloomers in the spring or spring flowers in the fall, etc., they will have to be shipped in from an off-season grower.

What Flowers Will Be in Season for Your Wedding?

Follow these links to find out more about the flowers which are likely to be in bloom in time for your wedding season.

Bloom for Your Buck

Volume is an important factor when designing wedding floral arrangements. Brides on a strict budget should think about how they can get the biggest visual impact for the price. Select flowers with a bright color or large blossom. This will ensure that centerpieces, decorations and bouquets make a big statement even if they’re less expensive than other varieties.

Save the Date

Be mindful about holidays when high demand for floral arrangements will increase the price. For example, void picking dates near Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day for your wedding.

White candle and greenery arrangement for wedding reception centerpiece.

Wedding reception centerpiece featuring greenery by Dietz Floral Studio. Photo by Jenna Therese Photography at Barn at Wolf Creek in Copley, Ohio.

Think Green

Greenery can be just as elegant and impactful as expensive flowers. Experienced florists recommend using greenery strategically. For example, branches and bushy foliage can add a lot of volume to arrangements designed for the wedding and reception location. Centerpieces can feature leafy garlands or an organic arrangement of greenery with just a few flowers or candles to add height and color.

At Dietz Floral Studio we love to add unexpected greenery to bridal bouquets and wedding arrangements. We often use ferns, silver-dollar eucalyptus and a title=”Dietz succulent plants” href=”/blog/tips-growing-healthy-succulents-indoors/”>succulents to add color, texture and volume to florals in a really cost-effective way.


Smart brides are trying to be more eco-friendly these days. When you have multiple locations to decorate, think about ways to repurpose the floral arrangements. Florals used to decorate the church or wedding ceremony location can be moved to the reception hall. Bridesmaid bouquets can be put in vases to decorate the bridal table or around the wedding cake. Most florists have smart tricks for repurposing florals and can manage the work of transporting and rearranging them.

There is also the possibility to share flowers with other ceremonies taking place in the same location. Consider contacting the bride of the wedding booked before yours. You might be able to strike a deal and design arrangements that would make you both happy or simply reuse what she plans to leave at the altar or wedding hall. Also, look for new services that are popping up, like Bloomarent, which give brides a discount on florals for making their arrangements available for other brides to reuse.

Find a Frugal Wedding Florist

Talk to your florist about the vision for your wedding day and your budget. Experienced designers now how to respect your limits without losing any of the beauty and drama that you expect from wedding floral arrangements. To schedule a wedding consultation, contact Dietz Floral Studio in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio or call (330) 923-9747.

Featured image from Alison & Ed’s Wedding at The Conrad Botzum Farmstead in Akron, Ohio.

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