This year’s holiday decorating trend is to use an all-white table setting. It sets the perfect backdrop for an amazing centerpiece or floral arrangement. Dietz Floral Studio wanted to provide you with some styling tips from the pros. Here’s are some unique ideas for a plant or flower display that will pop on your Thanksgiving table.

Thanksgiving Centerpiece Styles

Based on the container that you wish to use for flowers or plants, there are some fabulous ways to decorate your holiday table with style.

Shabby Chic Bud Vases

Show off your collection of small vases or single-stem glassware on any Thanksgiving table runner. Bud vases with a variety of sizes and shapes actually give this look a touch of charm. Line the vases down the center of the table and fill each with a maximum of three well-chosen stems. For the best result, we recommend two different flowers and one sprig of greenery. Classic colors in orange, red and golden hues are perfect for this time of year. This low-key flower arrangement can even be done on a tight budget.

Fresh Fragrant Vases

Set the tone this Thanksgiving by bringing your herb garden inside. You can easily make your own aromatic table decorations by planting herbs like sage, mint, basil or chamomile in multiple small containers. Use any modern or antique style vase that you already have sitting on the shelf. This type of centerpiece automatically fits with the décor of your home and will enhance the smells wafting out of the kitchen.

Succulent Twist on the Classic Centerpiece

Another DIY trick for a showstopping Thanksgiving centerpiece is to add succulent plants to a traditional floral arrangement. Succulents give rich texture to any display. Try mixing dark red, orange and yellow roses, with orange Asiatic lilies, cushion spray chrysanthemums, hypericum and succulents. Great types to use for centerpiece arrangements and bouquets include Echeveria and Jade, as well as verities of Crassula, Sempervivum, Sedum and Aeoniums.

Succulent Cornucopia

Play on traditional Thanksgiving symbolism by creating a cornucopia that overflows with fresh flowers and succulents. Take a wicker cornucopia, which you can find at any craft store, and fill it with damp sphagnum moss. The moss will help you create an aerated base for the succulent roots and an earthy look. Once you have situated the hens and chicks, or other succulent plants, add other seasonal touches like live Oak branches, small gourds, colorful leaves and decorative pine cones. You may need a touch of hot glue to keep the decorations in place.

Succulent Pumpkin Planter

A similar idea is to fill the top of a decorative pumpkin with earthy greenery and succulents. This centerpiece requires a little patience and a bit of crafty creativity. You can decorate the opening of the pumpkin with reindeer moss by gluing it down. Then, drop a plant container of with a few succulents – such as Pink Sedum – already arranged right into the pumpkin. Next, fill in the gaps in with more moss, sprigs of spiral eucalyptus and ornamental grasses using glue or floral picks to set them in place. By making multiple versions in different sizes, this centerpiece can be as large as you need it to be for your table.

Kids Garden Fall

Holiday Flower Arrangement

For a fresh, colorful centerpiece that will bring your Thanksgiving table to life, a flower arrangement is a great go-to. To keep in line with the classic holiday look, use flowers like apricot-colored roses, mums, marigolds, daisies and dark red carnations.

Non-traditional colors, like deep purple, are on trend for 2018 though. Try mixing things up with dahlias, asters, lavender chrysanthemums, purple mokara orchids and purple button spray chrysanthemums for a modern look. Sturdy stems like thistle or amaranth branches can give a wild touch to the arrangement.

You could also make a more traditional arrangement by adding common flowers such as Peruvian lilies which come in all kinds of colors, ranging from warm orange shades to lavender and white. Here is a short list of some exciting varieties to help dress up your table:

  • Cushion poms
  • Spider lilies
  • Globe amaranth
  • Hydrangea
  • Burgundy copper beech
  • Sea holly
  • Solidago
  • Semi-Cactus Dahlia
  • Ball dahlias
  • Dinner Plate Dahlia
  • Bronze disbud chrysanthemums
  • Red daisy spray chrysanthemums

Thanksgiving Centerpiece & Arrangement Tips

This is a great time of year to play around with greenery and plant parts which diverge from the typical flower shapes. Branches, weeping flowers, leaves and interesting stalks can add texture, height and an autumn feel.

When designing a Thanksgiving centerpiece, keep in mind the comfort of your guests. The meal should be convivial and facilitate conversation among family and friends. For this reason, height is a particularly important factor for your centerpiece or floral arrangement.

For highly visible flower arrangements to decorate other spots around the house or along the serving table, consider including plants with long stems, like sunflowers or stalks of wheat. Paired with bright blossoms, these tall plants can jazz up any glass vase just in time for the holiday.

Learn How to Make Beautiful Floral Arrangements for Every Holiday

At Dietz Floral Studio, every holiday is bright. You can learn to make festive flower arrangements and centerpieces fit for every festivity. Find out more about our upcoming floral experience workshops. Dietz Floral Studio online or call (330) 923-9747.

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