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Wedding Flowers By Season-Summer

Wedding flowers by Season--Summer

We are creating this guide to help our couples understand when particular flowers are locally available throughout the year. Locally grown doesn't necessarily mean the flowers will be cheaper, but it definitely means the quality of the blooms will be amazing. We are in Northeast Ohio, growing Zone 6a. When we speak of locally grown, we typically refer to flower farms within 40 minutes of our stores. However, we do work with flower farmers near Columbus and in Western Pennsylvania through our favorite wholesalers.

This guide will also help our couples narrow down a date when they know when their must-have flowers are in season. So if peonies are a must-have flower and you know they are available in May and June, you know to plan a May or June wedding. Can we find peonies later in the Summer? Probably but they won't be as beautiful as they are in May-June and they definitely will be more expensive. Hint: any time you hear the words "out of season", expect to pay significantly more to source your must-have flower if we can find it at all.


So here is your list broken down into Early Summer and late summer. Think of early summer as memorial day through the Fourth of July. Late Summer is Fourth of July to Labor Day...florists think in holidays.

Early Summer Wedding flowers for Ohio:


We love astilbe for its soft, feathery plumes. It is a romantic accent in wedding bouquets and reception centerpieces. It comes in a creamy white, several shades of pink, and a ruby red. 



Wow! These are soooo popular and its easy to see why. Peonies are lush, full romantic blooms that typically come in shades of white, pink and burgundy. 


Cottage Yarrow:

Love Love Love the colors available in cottage yarrow. These delicate stems add texture to bouquets...bonus they can be dried easily by hanging them upside down.



Feverfew adds a bit of whimsy to bouquets and arrangements. So if you are going for more of a relaxed, garden vibe, check out this beauty.


Late Summer Wedding flowers for Ohio:



Dahlias have been THE wedding flower for the last 4 years. They come in a variety of sizes and every color except blue. Dahlias are very delicate and we will only source them locally. We can normally count on dahlias into the fall months as well but once we get our first frost, bye-bye dahlias.



These delicate blossoms add movement and a whimsical touch to bouquets. We love to place a few stems of cosmos to dance above the other flowers as you walk down the aisle.



Lizzies are a tough flower to grow so we are sooo grateful to our local farmers for providing these beauties. Lisianthus are usually whites, pink and lavenders but new cultivars include dusky tones of brown, plum, peach...so gorgeous.


Summer's iconic flower now comes in a large variety of colors- white, cream, tan