Have you ever wanted to hit the restart button and just start over?!? After 18 years of making do and living with a less-than-ideal workspace we finally hit the restart button. It was a completely terrifying project in that we had to close down for 2 to 3 weeks!! We never close for anything other than the big holidays. Someone might need us.

Even when Sarah got married in 2009, we only closed for half a day so we could all attend. I had to decide when we would be missed the least. I decided the break between Christmas and New year is traditionally our quietest week, so I checked with my designer and contractor. They could start December 26th. Holy cow!!! This is really going to happen.

Dietz Falls Florist Remodel Before

So the packing, pitching and hauling began immediately. Many people stopped to ask about the packing pod in our parking lot. I’m a bit of a hoarder you see… I love containers a bit too much. Considering I am a commitment-phobe, I managed to make decisions on flooring, wall color, aesthetic… and then trust the designer to do her thing. That’s what we want our customers to do. Give us some guidelines and the feeling they want to evoke and then allow us to interpret for them in flowers. Anyways, 2 full on panic attacks later I moved the essentials to my heated garage in North Canton and continued taking orders and delivering flowers for our customers while the construction crew tore out walls, carpet and ceilings… did I mention that I don’t mess around when I finally decide to do something. Lol.

Dietz Falls Florist Remodel After

We are back in shop now even though there is soooo much to put away, organize and clean. It is finally starting to feel like the flower shop of my dreams that has evolved over last 18 years. Dietz finally has become my vision in every way that is important to me. However, the finishing touches…like chandeliers, work tables and shelving…were not in before I left for my surprise birthday cruise to the Caribbean. So if you get a chance, tune in to Facebook live at 10am Wednesday February 7 when I get to see the finished product for the first time. I will try to remember that I’m being recorded and not to use my favorite expletives. No promises however. Apologies in advance if an f-bomb sneaks out.

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