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How to care for cut roses


All roses regardless of color are treated the same way to get the longest-lasting blooms possible.


Roses need to be placed in water immediately after being re-cut. If they get an air bubble in the stem's vascular system, you will see the head of the rose droop right below the bloom. This is because the water can't get around that air bubble and your flowers will dry out and wilt very quickly. So when you are adjusting stem length for your favorite vase, make sure your vase is filled with cool but not cold water so you can cut the stem to length and place it immediately in your vase.



The other thing you need to watch is the temperature that your roses experience. Being exposed to freezing or excessively hot temperatures will be detrimental to the vase life of your roses. This includes not only the temperatures in your home but the temperatures while traveling with your flowers on your way home. Once you arrive home, find a place to showcase your gorgeous roses that is not in direct sunlight. They are cut flowers, not a plant, and the sunlight will kill them not make them grow. Also, avoid placing them directly in front of heating or air conditioning vents which can cause the roses to dry out prematurely.



Special tip**** After your roses have fully opened, find a few small vases or juice glasses and cut the roses to fit these tiny vases and your roses will last another week for you.