I know many people talk about gratitude during November. Heck nearly everyone I know took part in that 3 days of gratitude challenge on social media a few years back.

For me, November is special because on November 1, 1999, I signed the papers to buy Dietz Falls Florist. I remember the lawyer grabbing me by the shoulders and shaking me saying “BREATH!

Breath. It’s going to be okay.” And it has been okay… actually WAY better than okay. It’s been awesome! I am so grateful to Mr. Dietz for giving me the opportunity to buy his business and for allowing me to keep the name.


I’m grateful for the opportunity to try new ways of doing things, only to figure that Mr. D had it right all along. Yes, I’m stubborn and tend to learn things the hard way.

I’m grateful that I get to work with gorgeous, fragrant flowers every day and that no 2 days are ever the same.

I’m grateful to live and work in Cuyahoga Falls with its many amenities and small town warmth.

I’m grateful for my fellow business owners who support each other and can now call friends.

I’m grateful for my partner Jim for his unconditional support and invaluable advice.


I’m grateful to have such an incredible team. Christopher, Sarah, Danielle, and Abbey each bringing their individual talents to create a cohesive, creative staff. Also, Tim who brings a ray of sunshine and relief to our hectic (but delightful) holidays.

I can’t forget our hard working delivery driver Jim. Poor guy puts up with my constant “just 1 more delivery” texts all day.

Without these wonderful people whom I love like family, work would just be w-o-r-k.

Above all else, I am grateful for you – our customers. Without you there would be no Dietz Falls Florist. So, for myself and my staff, I thank you for 17 years of support, 17 years of business, and 17 years of doing what I love. I am so truly grateful.


Linda Boardman

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