Don’t Get Grandma Another Sweater!

Grandma doesn’t want another Christmas sweater this year and some people are impossible to shop for. We get it! That is why we highly suggest giving the gift of flowers. Not only is it unexpected but flowers truly are a meaningful and thoughtful gift.

Xmas Sweater

It’s the beginning of December and you’ve finished all your Christmas shopping already. You crushed it. You could not be feeling anymore on top of the world. Until you realize you forgot someone. Grandma. A massive blow to the Christmas ego. You race out to Target and grab your Grandma a sweater you think she’d like. Again. You’re now going on seven straight years of getting her a sweater with a similar pattern. We are talking about the woman who could not wait until you were born. She was ready to drop everything and babysit you. She was your WonderWoman. And you get her a sweater. Nothing says, “Merry Christmas Grandma, I love you!” like a sweater. Not this year. Don’t you dare get her another sweater.

Show your Grandma you were thinking of her and that you care. You know what shows that? A beautiful bouquet of flowers. Sure a sweater will last longer, but how quick will Grandma forget you got her that sweater? You know what she wont forget? The last time her beautiful grandchild with those red rosy chubby cheeks got her stunning flowers. Do what’s right this year before its too late. Dig yourself out of the, “only calling Grandma on her birthday” hole. Get the flowers.

*Impossible to Shop For*

Unless you can read minds, or they told you specifically what they want this holiday season, you’re most likely stuck on what to get your significant other. What’s one thing they would not expect to get? Flowers. We said it. Flowers. There’s only a handful of days throughout the year you would think about buying flowers. Valentines Day, Birthdays, Mother’s Day, Sweetest Day, and your anniversary. And guess what? They are expecting to get flowers these days too. Why not switch it up and get them a beautiful Christmas bouquet.

Flowers are one of those things that show thought and appreciation. Why stop at significant others? Flowers make a great gift for coworkers, your mother, your mother’s mother and your significant other’s mother. See a pattern? Mothers love flowers. Win brownie points with your significant other or be the favorite child this holiday season. Get a bouquet that will leave a lasting impression.

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