Sometimes the bad things that happen in our lives put us directly in the path to the best things that will ever happen to you. This is true of my journey to Dietz.

I was very happily working at another flower shop merchandising their showroom and waiting on the majority of their orders. I loved the shop and the people I worked with and occasionally I got to design IE play with flowers. Because I got tired of pitching my ideas to an indecisive owner I just stopped asking for his permission and put my ideas into action. OMG! I really was not a good employee. Yikes! LoL. Anyway, I think you can figure out how the story ends. After pouring my heart and soul and to preparing for our huge Christmas open house I got caught up to the owner’s office. Yep, you guessed it…fired.

I was so young and stupid that I didn’t see it coming or understand why at the time. Oooh, hindsight. I sobbed for days. My very sweet now ex-husband told me to take some time off and bake him a pie every week and not worry about a thing. I think I lasted 2 weeks before I started my job search… I’m really not a good cook. At the time I lived two blocks from Dietz and decided to stop in to see if they were hiring. Mr. D hired me after an hour interview but said he wouldn’t need me until the first of the year. I remember being so excited because I had Christmas off and I had a job in a field I loved. That Christmas I decorated my house inside and out put up three trees for the holiday. When you’re a florist you do those things for other people, you don’t always have the energy left to do them for yourself.

I started working for Mr. d (he always told me to call him David I just couldn’t…it seemed disrespectful) in January of 1999. He would see me walking to work and put a cinnamon roll on my work station most mornings. He never let me start work until I had a cup of coffee and eaten my cinnamon roll. With his urging I bought the store on November 1st of the same year. It has been an exciting, exhausting journey that led me to my calling and to Dietz. I simply cannot imagine doing anything else other than running a flower shop and I am so grateful to have been fired. Being fired seem like a horrible thing but it gave me one of the most relaxing happiest Christmases I’ve ever had and it gave me the opportunity to work for myself. How many people can say that being fired was the best thing that ever happened to them?

Sometimes Life Happens Poem

Linda Boardman, President

Dietz Falls Florist, Inc

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