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What does your quarantine look like?

What does your quarantine look like?

Hi flower friends! We miss you!! We miss hearing about prom-posals and college applications. We miss talking about where you are vacationing and which restaurants you recommend and which ones to avoid. How am I going to find a new series to binge watch without your input??? So many of you have become friends/ family over the past 20 years, it is so surreal not to see you. I was just getting used to being back at Dietz after being at our Kent location 95% of last year…now the pandemic.


Well I can tell you my quarantine experience is…manic to say the least. I’m frustrated trying to round up all of the documentation needed to apply for these loans and grants and then getting to the last page of the loan application and having it time out… for… the… fourth… freaking… time.

I’m crazy anxious about everything! How am I going to pay all the bills this month??

or How long this shutdown is going to last???  or what my business will look like when this is all over??   or..or..or spinning out of control.


My favorite days are the OMG Manic happy days

OMG! I had 2 days off! In a row!!!

OMG! I have not had this much time off since December of 1998. I finally feel rested.

OMG! I cannot remember the last time I slept in until 9:30!

OMG! I am spending the whole day in my jammies reading a book and drinking wine because I CAN.

OMG!! Let’s bake some more cookies, brownies, cupcakes….biscuits, bread….insert any carb here______


And all of this seems like small potatoes when I think of Sarah and Megan home-schooling on top of all these anxieties. Christy is finishing her semester from home. Danielle is reassuring brides almost every day about postponed wedding plans…now through July. Lisa has been in quarantine for 2 months already so she will be healthy when the time comes to meet her first grandbaby…hopefully any day now.

We all want you to know we can’t wait to get back to the shop to see you, to hear how you are coping.


We are working on plans for Mother’s Day deliveries now but we are waiting to hear Governor DeWine’s timeline and regulations for re-opening. Moving forward we are discussing steps we will have to make to re-open and if the business itself will need to function a bit differently. So much is unknown but a plan will make me feel better. I will let you know what we come up with. In the meantime...


Stay safe, stay healthy and stay kind to one another. Talk to you soon.