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Blue Wedding Flowers

Many of our brides have a shade of blue as part of their wedding color schemes. Whether that is Navy bridesmaid dresses or the palest of blue linens, and they want to incorporate Blue flowers in their bridesmaid bouquets and reception flowers.


There are only a handful of naturally blue flowers available to us for weddings and everyday work. Customers often want us to paint flowers blue because that was how old-fashioned florists handled getting blue flowers. I ALWAYS suggest using one of these beauties instead of the painted ones.


Blue flowers we love:


Hydrangea--The big round hydrangea variety we prefer is referred to as 'mophead'.  We love them because they have a garden vibe and lush. They are one of the few blue flowers we can get year-round. Hydrangea can very easily dehydrate or 'wilt' in direct sun or on a hot day which is why we don't recommend them for outdoor Summer weddings.

You can rehydrate your hydrangea by soaking the whole stem, flower, and all, in lukewarm water. Recut after soaking and allow to dry fully before placing it in a floral cooler.


Delphinium-- There are soooo many types of delphinium available as cut flowers it's hard to decide which one to choose...so, of course, I don't...I just order lots of them. These tall stately blooms add height and a splash of vibrant blue color to our Summer flower arrangements. Delphinium is available year-round but Summertime is my favorite time of year to use them.


Tweedia--  I had never heard of this flower until a bride brought me a Martha Stewart Weddings magazine (yes paper...this was 2001-2002ish and Pinterest wasn't a thing yet) and there was this GORGEOUS blue and white bridal bouquet filled with this perfect miniature sky blue blossom. Now it is a wedding flower MUST when blue is in the palette. It is a member of the milkweed family and gives off a sticky sap when it is cut so separate it from other flowers when first processing these stems. These beautiful arching stems are perfect for the nature-inspired, whimsical bouquets that are on-trend.



Thistle-- eryngium  This became a favorite flower a few years ago for our customers. If thistle was in the arrangement, it sold...so we used a LOT of thistle.  LOL.  It is a rich, deep blue color but it is the texture and uniqueness of the blossom that I believe is the reason people love it so much. Its 'natural' vibe really lends itself to wildflower bouquets and woodsy looks. Thistle paired with evergreens at Christmas...oh yeah, gorgeous!

It is available year-round although we don't use it as much in the Springtime because we have...


Hyacinth--, 'delft blue', my favorite variety of hyacinth, is named after the famous dutch pottery with the same intense blue color. Hyacinths are available to us as a cut flower in Winter and Spring. The fragrance is one of this flower's desirable qualities. However, these fragrant blooms can be overwhelming in a small space. The individual blossoms hold up beautifully in corsages and boutonnieres and are often featured in our Prom flowers.


Be sure and save this blue flowers inspiration board for your ‘Something Blue’ wedding design needs.