Have you ever received a lovely bouquet, only to have it begin to wilt far too soon? Petals begin to fall, leaves turn brown and crunchy, and within a day or two you are forced to toss the whole thing into the garbage. If this sounds familiar, then here are five tips on how to keep your flowers fresh for longer.

1. Do Not Refrigerate Them

Often, your refrigerator will be too cold for the flowers at some point in its cooling cycle. It helps to think of flowers like fresh produce (which they really are!) Your refrigerator has a Produce/Vegetables drawer for a reason: the rest of the refrigerator is too cold! Frozen flowers may look pretty, but only until they start to thaw–then they rot.

2. Do Not Display Them in Direct Sun

While direct sunlight might be wonderful for a blooming, growing plant (as in, one still attached to its roots and in dirt,) sunny heat is a quick death for cut blooms. The flowers will wilt and wither. Which leads to the next tip…

3. Do Not Leave Them in a Hot Car

Heat is a cut flower’s worst enemy. Even if it’s a cooler day, leaving cut flowers in a parked car with sunshine and the windows up creates an instant greenhouse. Again, good for growing plants–not for cut blooms! If you order flowers from us, we can keep them in our cooler at the appropriate 38-42 degrees until you are on your way home.

4. Do Not Leave them in a Cold Car

On the other hand, do not leave flowers in a car when temperatures will drop below freezing. While we bag flowers to help protect them in cold weather, the bag cannot keep them from freezing. Flowers are not mammals and cannot produce their own heat, so the bag can only help for a short time.

5. Do Not Put Them Near a Dehumidifier

Dehumidifiers are built to take moisture out of the atmosphere. If your flowers are too close, they can have the moisture sucked away from their environment, too–bad idea.

To summarize: extreme heat or cold is bad for cut flowers. Sunny heat is also bad, as is dry air. The best way to get the most from your fresh cut flowers is to keep them at a cool temperature, away from drafts and direct light. We hope this is helpful and helps you enjoy your flowers for longer than ever before!

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