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3 Reasons why I love Fall flowers...and you should too!


Ok, I admit it. I LOVE everything Fall! I love the smell of Fall leaves (though raking them is meh); walking the metro parks for the Fall Hiking Spree watching the color changes of the leaves week to week; carving pumpkins for centerpieces and jack-o-lanterns; then roasting the pumpkin seeds to snack on; picking apples with my bestie and baking applecrisp; a visit to Hale Farm for the Harvest Days festival; a road trip to Ashtabula county for covered bridge photography and vineyards; and most of all the Autumn COLORS!!!!!

All the rich colors is the first reason we love our Fall flowers. So many colors--russet, bittersweet, pomegranate, burgundy, chocolate, plum, wheat, pumpkin, persimmon, apple red-- maybe I like these colors because they remind me of food. LOL. Every year I have a new color combination that I add to my Favorites list. Last year I couldn't get enough pastel Fall-- peaches, cream and rust with a bit of chocolate brown or burgundy added for a pop of color. The year before that was plum purples and vibrant oranges together. This year I keep gravitating to terracota oranges, white and golden butterscotch colors...stay tuned for more.

The second reason we love our Fall flowers is that the majority of them are reasonably affordable. The most traditional fall flowers are mums. As a cut flower mum are super hardy and under $3 a stem so it easy to make someone feel special (you are included in that statement) for less than the price of brunch. Follow us Facebook or Instagram to find out when we offer seasonal bouquet specials...hint coming very soon. 

And the third reason is that most Fall flowers last a realllly long time, way longer than that brunch will. The mums we were just taking about usually last 2-3 weeks as a cut flower. Carnations which had been soooo overused in the 80's and 90's are now popular with the younger generations because they love the spicy, clove-like fragrance of the carnations and guess what? They last for weeks so they are a great value. Our locally grown sunflowers, amaranth, grasses and thistles also last for about 2 weeks. 

We hope you will stop in to see some of our favorite autumn beauties. Our store front is currently open 10-3 mondays-fridays, 10-5 on fridays and 10-1 on Saturdays. If you can't stop in follow us on Facebook to see all these gorgeous Fall flowers, now until Thanksgiving.